How to use ‘Bad’ Ideas to find the Best Ideas!

Every individual and organisation need to generate ideas, whether it’s for problem-solving, innovation, creative campaigns, planning or strategies. Brainstorming workshops is still by far the best way to generate a ton of ideas, in a compressed space of time.

However, if there is one thing that stifles the creativity of a brainstorming session, that is the fear that the idea that you propose is deemed as a ‘bad’ idea.

Try using the ‘No Bad Ideas Brainstorming’ exercise. Its incredibly simple, but incredibly effective.

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6 Simple Tips for Organising a Successful Workshop

Workshops are becoming a more and more popular forum for brainstorming, planning and learning, whether it’s a new business idea, project or program.  When done well, they are super productive and a great way to get people engaged, maybe in a way they haven’t before. They also can be very fun, however its important to organise them well to save y...
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7 tips to help make great ideas happen

The world thrives on great ideas. Its great ideas that bring us great innovation, great products and great inventions. We are hard-wired to solve problems, be creative, and innovate. We do it every day; sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. But how do you make great ideas happen?  Sometimes we get so stuck in the ‘hamster wheel’ of life, we can’t ...
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A simple daily planning system to stay focused and deal with interruptions

Someone asked me recently, “how do you plan your day”? My answer?  “Not very well!” However, I have found a system that works for me. Its really simple, but it works. I have tried many systems. But my biggest problem is that I have so much going on at once, if I don’t have a way to log ideas and tasks IMMEDIATELY as they come into my head, I oft...
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