10 Ways To Supercharge Your Meetings

Do away with your dull, boring, unproductive and not the slightest bit engaging meetings. Say hello to your more efficient and effective meetings with these 10 simple steps to boost productivity and engagement!
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How to use ‘Bad’ Ideas to find the Best Ideas!

Every individual and organisation need to generate ideas, whether it’s for problem-solving, innovation, creative campaigns, planning or strategies. Brainstorming workshops is still by far the best way to generate a ton of ideas, in a compressed space of time.

However, if there is one thing that stifles the creativity of a brainstorming session, that is the fear that the idea that you propose is deemed as a ‘bad’ idea.

Try using the ‘No Bad Ideas Brainstorming’ exercise. Its incredibly simple, but incredibly effective.

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6 Simple Tips for Organising a Successful Workshop

Workshops are becoming a more and more popular forum for brainstorming, planning and learning, whether it’s a new business idea, project or program.  When done well, they are super productive and a great way to get people engaged, maybe in a way they haven’t before. They also can be very fun, however its important to organise them well to save y...
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7 tips to help make great ideas happen

The world thrives on great ideas. Its great ideas that bring us great innovation, great products and great inventions. We are hard-wired to solve problems, be creative, and innovate. We do it every day; sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. But how do you make great ideas happen?  Sometimes we get so stuck in the ‘hamster wheel’ of life, we can’t ...
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