How long do myndflo notes say up for?

We have tested the product thoroughly, and we have found the notes stick best to hard flat surfaces, such as glass, paint, vinyl, whiteboard, paper etc. We have had them stay up for 6 months +!


If you needed to, can you recharge them?

Yes you actually can! Remember what happens to a balloon when you rub it on your hair?? ? Try it!


Are they dry wipe?

Yes. The reverse of the notes are dry wipe!


Why do you not sell ‘white’ notes?

We don’t currently sell a white note, because the reverse of the coloured notes are white, giving you 2 ‘colours’ in 1!


How many notes are in a pad?

There are 100 notes in a pad.  Twice that of conventional sticky notes, giving you twice the use!


Do you also do large sheets such as A3/A2?

Not yet. Right now we are focusing on the notepads, as they are very versatile.


Are they really eco friendly?

Yes. Only the front and back covers are made from card. The sheets are made from recyclable polypropylene, saving our forests!


Do you have a partner/affiliate/trade programme?

Yes. Please contact to discuss becoming a commission agent, distributer or affiliate.