1. Why would I want to purchase Myndflo static notes instead of traditional sticky notes?

See this page "Why Myndflo Static Notes"


2. How long do Myndflo Electrostatic notes and whiteboard sheets stay up for?

Although they will stick to virtually any surface, we have tested the product thoroughly, and have found the notes stick best to hard, flat surfaces, such as glass, paint, vinyl, whiteboard, paper etc. We have had them stay up for 12+ months, but under most circumstances the sheets will stay comfortably in place for a few days, and normally for far longer than traditional sticky notes.


3. Sometimes my Electrostatic notes fall off. Why is this?

a. The sheets are very thin.  Make sure you haven’t taken more than one sheet, as this is the most common reason for notes falling off.

b. Don’t over-handle the notes.  Moisture from your hands can affect the static charge.

c. Once you put notes on the wall try and limit the number of times you lift them off the surfaces. Placing them then sliding them is the best way to move them around.

d. Make sure surfaces are dust-free, and don't use on surfaces that attract dust i.e. fabrics.  Dust will nullify the static charge.

e. Hard, smooth surfaces such as glass, metal, painted walls work best.

f. Ideally, use walls or surfaces that are not subject to wind or heat (i.e. above a radiator, close to an air conditioning unit, beside an opening door/window etc.)


4. Can I recharge my Myndflo static notes and whiteboard sheets?

You can use a Myndflo Microfibre Boost cloth to ‘boost’ the charge. Simply clean off any dust particles from both sides of the notes/whiteboard sheets and firmly wipe the sheet on a flat surface a few times to boost the charge.

Purchase Myndflo Microfibre Boost cloth here


5. Are they dry wipe or erasable?

Yes (and no!). The reverse (white) side of the notes are erasable!  The colour side is not erasable. Our whiteboard and clear board sheets are erasable and work both sides.


6. Do you sell white coloured static notes?

We don’t currently sell a white note, because the reverse of the coloured notes are white, giving you 2 ‘colours’ in 1!  However, we do sell whiteboard sheets in a range of sizes see Whiteboard Sheets.


7. How many notes are in a pad?

There are 100 notes in a pad.  Twice that of conventional sticky notes, giving you twice the use!


8. Do you also do large sheets such as A3/A2?

Yes check our our A1, A3 and A4 static whiteboard sheets.


9. How eco-friendly are the static notes and sheets?

The front and back covers of the pads are made from recycled card. The notes and sheets are made from a thin polypropylene film, which is 100% recyclable, as the products are all adhesive-free. (It is not widely known, but traditional sticky notes aren’t always recyclable, due to the adhesive strip on the back of them, which can sometimes de-rail the recycling process, especially if a solvent-based glue is used.)


10. Do you have a partner/affiliate/trade programme?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss becoming a commission agent, distributor or affiliate.


11. If I was to purchase in bulk, are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Yes. Please contact us with your enquiry. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.


12. Are you able to custom brand your products?

Yes we can.  Please contact us with your enquiry. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours.