Why Myndflo electrostatic notes rather than conventional sticky-notes? 

Electrostatic charge instead of glue, so no residue, and no adhesive left to dirty your walls

Stick completely flat to any smooth surface, no curling, and they normally stay in place without falling off for far longer than traditional sticky notes. This flatness is important if you are using in conjunction with a digital capturing app - as soon as traditional sticky notes start to curl, the camera won't perform effectively.

If the electrostatic charge starts to wear off, simply rub with a Myndflo Booster Cloth to reinvigorate the static notes

Slide to reposition (providing surface is smooth); it's super-easy to move, group and organise your notes and ideas. We say they're the fastest sticky notes in the West!

Due to the thin plastic film used to manufacture the product, the notepads are thinner and lighter than traditional sticky notes, meaning they take up less room - ideal for transporting to off-site or mobile meetings.

Six vibrant colours to make your ideas visual

Four practical sizes, for endless applications

Eco-friendly 100% recyclable polypropylene instead of paper. (It is not widely known, but traditional sticky notes aren’t always recyclable, due to the adhesive strip on the back of them, which can sometimes hinder the recycling process, especially if a solvent-based glue is used.)

Glossy, white drywipe surface on the reverse side, giving you more life per sheet

Silky-smooth surface makes it fun to write on (one client described it as a little like writing on a banana!)

Virtually indestructible non-tear material, protects your important notes

Write using most types of pen/pencil/marker giving you more versatility

So whilst Myndflo static notes do cost more than traditional sticky notes, we feel that in most cases, the advantages will more than outweigh the small extra cost, especially if you are using large quantities in workshops, planning, training etc. - and the extra fun and engagement you and your team will get when using them really is priceless!

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    See FAQs page for the best ways to use your static notes/sheets.