Why Myndflo notes rather than conventional sticky-notes? Because they are way more fun. And better!

  1. Sticks using static not glue, so no residue no dirty walls.
  2. Sticks completely flat to any smooth surface, no falling off.
  3. Slide to reposition, super-easy to move around and organise.
  4. Eco friendly polypropylene instead of paper. Save the trees!
  5. Six vibrant colours to make your ideas visual.
  6. Four practical sizes, for endless applications.
  7. Dry-erase on the reverse side, giving you more life per sheet.
  8. Silky-smooth surface makes it fun to write on (its like writing on a banana!).
  9. Indestructible non-tear material, protects your important notes!
  10. Write using any pen/pencil/marker giving you more versatility.

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