NEW! Reusable Magnet Notes Medium - Taster Set of 16 + FREE accessories

  • NEW! Reusable Magnet Notes Medium - Taster Set of 16 + FREE accessories

NEW! Reusable Magnet Notes Medium - Taster Set of 16 + FREE accessories

CODE: MFL016009

The Myndflo SuperCleanXG Magnet Note range is an ideal eco-friendly alternative to standard sticky notes. They are produced using a highly superior drywipe surface and can be used over and over again.

This newly developed, extremely durable coating means we can offer a first ever: 5-YEAR SURFACE WARRANTY

EASY-CLEAN – The extreme-premium surface drastically reduces ghosting and staining, and is up to 30X FASTER TO CLEAN than standard drywipe films. This is even when the ink is left on the surface for long periods of time. So if you are using the product regularly, over and over, this means more of your valuable time saved EVERY day - gone are the frustrations with heavily soiled and ghosted drywipe surfaces.

ANTI-GRAFFITI – Extra hardwearing scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant coating, meaning even permanent marker can be cleaned off without damaging the surface (using suitable cleaning fluid). Ideal for high usage environments in education, industrial, medical or the corporate world.

EXTRA-DURABLE – The coating is over 85% thicker than standard drywipe films, giving long-term endurance.

FASTER – The SuperCleanXG magnet notes have been carefully engineered to be the right thickness and magnetic pull to slide across most smooth surfaces. Ideal for rapidly moving between columns or grids. No more laborious lifting of sticky notes one by one to place elsewhere on your whiteboard. (Please note that the 'slidability' of the notes does vary widely, depending on the surface, and may not slide easily if the magnetic 'pull' from your whiteboard is very strong.)

EXTENDED LIFE – All these benefits add up to a product which should give you constant use for the long term, saving not only the environment, but both your budget and your time, when compared with using standard single-use sticky notes.

FREE ACCESSORIES  Keep your magnet notes and whiteboard surfaces in tip-top condition with the FREE accessories included in every pack.

All magnet note packs come with a high quality microfibre cloth, plus there are larger packs available which also contain a 100ml bottle of highly effective Pro Cleaner/Conditioner spray. Every pack also contains both drywipe and WetWipe pens. The 'semi-permanent' WetWipe pens are ideal when you wish your text to be smudge-resistant (the ink dries in approx. 20 seconds), but can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth, using water only.

Taster Set Contents: 16 x Magnet Notes; 1 x Drywipe pen, fine black; 1 x WetWipe pen, fine black; 1 x Microfibre cloth, large.

Please note: These Myndflo Magnet Notes are not suitable for use on magnetic glassboards. Glassboards need specialist stronger magnets. Please enquire about accessories for glassboards.