Welcome to the #stickynoterevolution

Since we were cavemen, we've been using visualisation to communicate.

It's in our DNA.

It's backed by science, when you write and visualise, magic happens.

But one of our favourite communication tools, the sticky note, doesn't always behave. Picture this:

You're holding a workshop, everyone's engaged, ideas are flying, the wall is covered with sticky notes which hold vital tasks, ideas and information. You bring the workshop to a close, and think "we will kick this off tomorrow again with fresh vigour".

The next day, the scene that meets you is devastating. Sticky notes with all those ideas and notes, that were all arranged and grouped from yesterdays session, now lie quietly on the floor. Ohhh, the frustration!

Welcome to the #stickynoterevolution

We created Myndflo notes to solve this problem. They are made of a thin polypropylene, charged with static electricity. They stick using static not glue, so stick to any flat surface without falling off, and leave absolutely no residue. The reverse side is erasable making them reusable.

This solution is not only practical, but also eco friendly. Reusable and recyclable, we use 95% less paper than conventional notes.

So next time you are doing a strategy, brainstorming, planning or project workshop, do yourself and the planet a favour by purchasing Myndflo stickys!

About Myndflo

We're on a mission to help people and teams make big ideas happen, by providing products and methods to help collaboration, communication and creativity.

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