Slidiz becomes Myndflo!

Its official!

Due to a re-positioning of the business and brand, Slidiz has re-branded to Myndflo.

Why Myndflo, I hear you say? It's simple:

We are all about making big ideas happen. And to make big ideas happen, collaboration, communication, planning and action are critical.

We know that when we put our heads together, innovation ignites.

And when 'mynds' connect, ideas start to 'flo'.

(I think you're getting it...)

Myndflo static notes are simply the perfect tool for bringing people collaboratively together, to create beautiful and engaging mind maps, process flows, story boards and diagrams.

We think they are the 'ultimate' workshop tool.

So that's why 'Myndflo'.

Whats new?

  1. New website, with FREE shipping over £75
  2. Now 6 vibrant colours
  3. Now 4 practical sizes
  4. New 'make big ideas happen' blog
  5. New product releases upcoming (stay tuned!)

Thanks for listening! We hope you love Myndflo as we do!

Best regards,

Laurie McMullan | Founder