6 tips to hit for success in 2018!

So, we’re 1 month into 2018. That means there are only 11 months left to achieve your success for this year. maybe you’re totally killing it and hitting all your daily/weekly goals. Or maybe you’re like me, and need constant driving and reminding of your goals. Here’s a few tips that I’ve found help me:

1. Collect your thoughts

Seems basic, huh? Actually, collecting your thoughts can be challenging, because it takes deliberation. You will need to take the time to sit down and just start to think things through. What did I achieve. What did I not achieve? Where would I like to be in 12 months? What big things did I accomplish in the last 12 months? Etc.

Get yourself comfortable in a quiet space and get pumped with your wins, big and small. Write them down. Then start to visualise what that will look like in 12 months. (or 11)

2. Write them down

There’s something about actually writing that stimulates the brain. They say you’re 7 times more likely to remember something if you write it down. So those thoughts that you have gathered and collected? Start writing them down. I like to use sticky notes, just write, write, write and fire them up on your nearest wall, anywhere. Don’t worry about any order right now, that’s the next step.

3. Organise and create a plan

By now you will have a whole bunch of thoughts, ideas, goals, projects that you want to tackle. However, one critical factor to achieving what you want to do is ‘focus’. Therefore, you now need to start to filter your goals by importance, size, dependencies, category etc. Pick 3 or 4 important areas of your life (Eg. Health, Wealth, Family and Spiritual) and set just ONE over-arching goal for each area.

4. Break it down

Now you need to work on breaking down the plan. There’s only one way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time! Start to break down each of your goals into bitesize, achievable ‘rocks’ and (here’s the crunch) add dates to them. If you really want to get something done, hold yourself accountable and make it timebound!

5. Review and adjust the sails

We’re all human. No plan goes according to plan! You’ve set sail and your journey has started, but no sooner said than a storm brews up from nowhere and you are knocked way off course! What do you do? Panic and abandon ship? Go below deck and hope it all goes away? No! you get out there, adjust the sails and you’re off again! It’s not how the horse (ship?) falls, but how it gets up again.

6. Execute!

This is probably the simplest to say, hardest to do. but ultimately, every success in life comes from taking a series of small, sometimes almost meaningless, steps, repetitively. Start forming the habits you need to form to get your stuff done! Execute without excuse and make it big for 2018!

And that's it from me! It up to you, if you really want something, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse!