A sustainable alternative to flipcharts and sticky notes that's fun to use and saves you time and money.

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Gary Delbridge, Owner at Objective Assessment

A very good product. The group where I first used them were fascinated. They were easy to use, really flexible and encouraged people to write on them just so they could put them up on the wall and slide them around. Very engaging.

Guy Stephens, Trainer at Global Tech Consulting Firm

I love Myndflo products for running my workshops. The electrostatic notes are brilliant as you can easily move and slide them to group and organise without falling off or curling up. Using the whiteboard sheets is an absolute time saver as no need to use Blue Tac and tape to hold sheets up, and no risk at all of ruining walls! Highly recommend.

Bob Gibbon, Founder at The Performance Learning Company Ltd

Myndflo’s A1 whiteboard sheets are not only brilliant portable whiteboards they are also super-effective paper magnets allowing you to stick everyone’s doodles, insights and summaries on the wall without any damage or residue whatsoever. This makes it very easy to create visual journeys in any kind of workshop. The static notes have all the benefits of post-its but the significant added advantage that they adhere across the whole sheet, they slide readily and are easily re-positioned, and they seem stick to practically anything!  I have been using Myndflo products throughout 2019 and I am very, very happy with my choice.

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